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Mi | 20:00 | Basics & More

Beginner / Intermed., Studio Klasse, CARA MAY

  • 1 Std 15 Min.
  • 31,50 Schweizer Franken


Level: Beginner to Intermediate This class is designed to build the foundation of a basic Yoga practice: Introducing more challenging variations and poses when appropriate, with the intention of moving towards a more flowing style of practice. A core focus of the class will be the correct physical conformation of the Asana, however students will be expected to deepen their experience within the postures and to work more consciously with the breath to hopefully become more aware of the expression of the nature of each Asana. The class will begin with some preparatory poses to 'open' the body, before starting the practice proper with a sequence of standing. sitting and lying postures, which may incorporate side, forward and backward bends. Inversions may also be included, along with twists and restorative poses, before closing with relaxation. Although this is a later-evening class, you are reminded NOT to eat directly beforehand (ideally 2 hours or more). Whilst still a relatively basic level, this class is equally suited to those who may need to refresh or underpin the foundations of their physical (Hatha) Yoga Practice. Preis: YN Abo Weiss (10 x 28 CHF) Sprache: Englisch, auf Wunsch Deutsch For more information: caralouisemay(at)

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Umbuchung & Kündigung

Für Stornierungen und /oder Umbuchung kontaktiere uns bitte mindestens 24h im voraus. Wir sind Dir sehr dankbar.


  • Seefeldstrasse 7A, Zürich, Schweiz

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