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Dhrupad Konzerte

Mantra und Kirtan-Singen mit Amit Sharma Bhandavi

Jeweils am 3. Freitag im Monat.
Zeit: 20.00 (Einlass) bis 21.30 Uhr
Preis: 35 CHF

Voranmeldung und Information:

About Amit, Dhrupad and Saptak

Dhrupad is the most ancient style of Hindustani (North Indian) classical music that has survived until today in its original form. This is the tradition in which I grew up and is the tradition that has been in my family for generations. This heritage was transmitted since pre-Indian times in the so called Gurushishya Parampara system, in which the student lives with the teacher in close proximity. The student gives his life to the teacher and receives in turn, the blessings of this rich music. This was exactly how I learned. My grandfather, a court musician to the king, was my first teacher and after winning various scholarships, I spent several years with the late Ustad Zia Faiduddin Dagar and then many more years with the renowned Padmashri Gundecha brothers with whom I performed throughout India.

The nature of Dhrupad music is spiritual and devotional and traces back to the ancient text of Sam Veda. It is meditative but charged with energy that vitalises, harmonises and leads to bliss, joy and peace. It also places great emphasis on maintaining the purity of the Raga (tonal scales) and the Swara (notes). In Sanskrit, saptak literally means "containing seven" and is derived from the Sanskrit word Sapta which means "seven" and is the series of seven notes making the octave scale where the 1st note is then repeated at the end.


For further information or inquiries:

+41 78 733 38 27

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