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Yoga Teacher



Jeanine grew up in the Swiss countryside and envisaged dedicating her life to making the world a better place even as a child. While working in the fast-paced financial industry for many years as well as for the World Economic Forum in Geneva and later in the complex and ambitious environment of a Swiss-US high-tech SME, Jeanine completed various courses of study in meditation, yoga and holistic healing modalities in order to align her business operations activities with her spiritual path.

In 2018, after 23 years of experience in the realms of international business and high finance, Jeanine began working as a holistic life coach and therapist, specializing in personal and professional guidance, integrative healing, meditation and yoga instruction. Her coaching & healing practice supports clients with their own journey of awakening, finding their true selves and harmonizing their personal and professional lives.

Depending on the audience, Jeanine teaches her classes in German and/or English.

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